Monday, March 7, 2011

This is the first post of the rest of your blog

I've never been very good at beginnings. I think it's because I'm a writer, so everything has to start with a bang. This is the first entry on my blog, the only entry that will ever be the first entry. That kind of thing paralyzes me. I mean, what do I say in my first ever entry? Do I introduce myself? Share what this blog is all about? Or just start with a random entry, the way so many blogs that I read do?

(Aside: That drives me crazy, by the way, when I read a new blog. If I like it, I go to the first entry. A blog is a story, and I want an introduction. A first scene. A little exposition and a hint at where it's going. But most of the time all I get is an entry en medias res of someone's life, as if I should already know who they are, where they've been, and where they're headed. This is very hard for me to accept. But I digress.)

So in the interest of those oddballs like me, who need a sense of place and order, I'll go the way of the introduction.

Hi. I'm Rebecca Townley. And this is my blog.

I've just finished the rough draft of my very first novel. I would have blogged about the writing of it, but I can't do two things at once like that. Writing takes all my attention. But now I'm revising, editing, getting into the meat of it, and the loneliest part of the journey - the banging on the keyboard, the forcing words out when they refuse to come - is over. And I want to meet some people like me who are working hard at being writers. Or people like me who just love books. If you've landed here, chances are you fit in one of those categories.


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